There and Back Again: A Unique Perspective of Honolulu


About this book

I cherish Downtown Honolulu as if it were a person. It is historic and modern; tiny and large; sturdy and fragile. It has its dark side, yet it glistens. It can be baffling, yet startling in its clarity.

This is my second book about Honolulu. It features historic treasures from the late 1800s, gleaming skyscrapers, and often-unseen architectural details, and gritty real-life. 

"No one captures the heart and essence of Honolulu the way Pam does. You can feel her love for her home in every image." 

~ Susan Szabo, professional artist

There and Back Again is a photographic delight for downtown denizens and those who love Honolulu. Pam has an uncanny eye for architecture, color, and illumination. She will take you on a first-ever journey.”

~ Bob Sigall, author and CEO of Creative 1

“No matter how many times I look at these photos, I always discover another intriguing detail. Pam’s way of capturing a scene astounds me. The angles, lines, curves, shapes, colors, tones, and textures of each photograph are mesmerizing. Each photo is worthy of enlarging, framing, and hanging, to brighten a wall, a room, or an office. Thank you, Pam, for sharing Honolulu through your loving eyes."

~ Dean Masai, State of Hawaii energy analyst